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Alexandre Besson | Watchmaker & Founder at Mint Evolutive.

Asia Pacific Circle expert Profile Alexandre Besson

Alexandre Besson became product manager at Marithé + François Girbaud. After 5 years of product development, he decided to pursue his career in Asia from 2009. There, he strengthened his experience in design, product development and sourcing (clothing, accessories and clothing supplies), designing product lines for buying offices for the American and European jeanswear and women’s ready-to-wear markets.

Following the tragic death of his father, Alexandre Besson discovered the hobby of watch modding. After a few years, in parallel to his functions as Chief Operation Officer for a textile company, he developed his own watch brand of evolutive watches, Mint Evolutive. All watches are modular and can be transformed by the consumer himself without the need for advanced watchmaking knowledge.


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