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–  Alexandre Besson  –
Watchmaker & Founder at Mint Evolutive

Asia Pacific Circle expert Profile Alexandre Besson

Watchmaker & Founder – Mint Evolutive

Alexandre Besson was born on 24 September 1979 in Paris. He grew up in the 17th arrondissement of Paris where he had a flourishing childhood surrounded by friends of all origins and religious denominations.

Alexandre is not very academic and is more interested in the arts and travel. His father was a traveler himself and gave him many opportunities to accompany him on his many business trips around the world. During these trips, Alexandre developed his English and intercultural skills.
All his experiences abroad radically changed his perception of the worlds and geopolitics.

After studying Graphic Arts in Penninghen, Alexandre obtained a diploma as a stylist and model maker from the ISAA (Higher Institute of Applied Arts) then a Master in Textile Industries at the ESIV (Higher School of Clothing Industries).

Alexandre Besson became a product manager at Marithé + François Girbaud. After 5 years of product development, he decided to pursue his career in Asia from 2009. There, he strengthened his experience in design, product development and sourcing (clothing, accessories and clothing supplies), designing product lines for buying offices for the American and European jeanswear and women’s ready-to-wear markets.

Following the tragic death of his father, Alexandre however discovered the hobby of watch modding. After a few years, in parallel to his functions as Chief Operation Officer for a textile company, he developed his own brand of evolutive watches, Mint Evolutive. All watches are modular and can be transformed by the consumer himself without the need for advanced watchmaking knowledge.

“The MINT brand was born from the simple observation that there is a real lack of connection between objects and their users. People are looking for exclusivity and individuality, we help them to reconnect with themselves through our products. Our 10-year goal is to become the world’s leading brand of modular bespoke accessories. The true sense of luxury today is not to wear a gold watch or precious stones that sustain exploitation, armed conflict, and human misery, but rather to live in harmony with oneself and its values.”


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In this Asia-Pacific Insight, Mint Evolutive founder and modular watchmaker Alexandre Besson explores modern lifestyle and consumption trends and questions whether the current models are sustainable. Besson calls for more modularity and durability in design. He argues that in the future people, lifestyle will not be about quantity anymore, as people will want products which adapt to them and follow them around. "Durability will be an expectation, and modularity will be the best way to create both a sense of purpose, a sense of emotion, a sense of uniqueness, and a sense of luxury we hardly know about so far..." he writes.