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Where do you stand?

The Asia-Pacific is a complex, fast-growing and rapidly changing region which increasingly matters.

From a permanently growing China to an increasingly unpredictable America and a blooming South-East Asian region, the Asia-Pacific is an area of permanent change. Hence, understanding regional developments and anticipating trends is a major challenge. Founded in Hong Kong in 2016, The Asia-Pacific Circle follows the Asia-Pacific dynamics with a simple but essential objective: Connecting the dots!



Asia-Pacific Insights, in Good Business Intelligence.


The Asia-Pacific Circle publishes insights on current Asia-Pacific developments.

Since 2016, The Circle’s expert contributors follow and analyze trends in the global political economy to produce regionally relevant Asia-Pacific thought leadership, in good business intelligence. Our mind-challenging insights, analyses & opinions, follow a multidisciplinary political, financial, legal, philosophical but always business-oriented approach.



Can You See the Missing Bits? We’d love to hear from you.


asia-pacific circle asia-pacific insights

The Asia-Pacific Circle gives experts some visibility space to share their thoughts.

Connecting the dots is not an easy task, it takes time and expertise. For this reason, the Circle publishes executive insights in the form of interviews or opinion pieces written by experts and thought leaders in their fields

Have you written a piece you would like to see published? Our editors will review your work, edit it and optimize it before creating an author profile for you. 

Do you need some help to turn a thought into thought leadership? Often, experts lack the time or skills to express their views, therefore, we are happy to help you craft your message, either as an opinion piece or as an interview.

If you can see the missing bits in Asia-Pacific trends, we would love to hear from you. Please visit our contribution page and get in touch!


The Founders


Founder profile antoine martin head of insights asia pacific circle

Dr. Antoine Martin.

Dr. Antoine Martin is a pragmatic consultant with (not always) academic methods.

On the regional part of things, Antoine follows international trade and Fintech policy developments. He is also a scholar at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Law, a leading academic institution in Asia.

Beyond following Asia-Pacific trends, Antoine pushes, challenges and helps CEOs, entrepreneurs, lawyers, bankers, and experts of all kinds to identify their message and formulate their ideas. His ultimate goal being, of course, to give them more tools to engage in value-creating discussions with their interlocutors.


Founder profile philippe bonnet asia pacific circle

Philippe Bonnet.

Philippe Bonnet is in charge of developing the business ecosystem in which the Asia-Pacific Circle develops.

Philippe is a successful entrepreneur and advisor to business executives, who has a Eurasia mindset and excels (apart from running marathons) at making people think ahead. From business strategy planning to operational organization, he believes that preparation is the key to success. And that, of course, includes knowing the regional environment in which you evolve…




The Asia-Pacific Circle is supported by leading companies and entrepreneurs in their field.

All have in common a very international and regional Asia-Pacific business reach as well as a commitment to encouraging the production of relevant and mind-stimulating business intelligence, thought leadership and materials on Asia Pacific developments. Please visit our Partners page for more information.



Food for thought on Asia-Pacific Developments?

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Trade Insights

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