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The Asia-Pacific is a complex, fast-growing and rapidly changing region which increasingly matters. But where do you stand?

From a permanently growing China to an increasingly unpredictable America and a blooming South-East Asian region, the Asia-Pacific is an area of permanent change. Hence, understanding regional developments and anticipating trends is a major challenge. Founded in Hong Kong in 2016, The Asia-Pacific Circle follows the Asia-Pacific dynamics with a simple but essential objective: Connecting the dots!





Asia-Pacific Insights, in Good Business Intelligence.


The Asia-Pacific Circle publishes insights on current Asia-Pacific developments.

Since 2016, The Circle’s expert contributors follow and analyze trends in the global political economy to produce regionally relevant Asia-Pacific thought leadership, in good business intelligence. Our mind-challenging insights, analyses & opinions, follow a multidisciplinary political, financial, legal, philosophical but always business-oriented approach.


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Can You See the Missing Bits? We’d love to hear from you.


asia-pacific circle asia-pacific insights

The Asia-Pacific Circle gives experts some visibility space to share their thoughts.

Connecting the dots is not an easy task, it takes time and expertise. For this reason, the Circle publishes and re-publishes articles and opinions written by experts and thought leaders in their fields. If you can see the missing bits in regional trends, we would love to hear from you. Please visit our contribution page and get in touch!





Food for thought on Asia-Pacific Developments?

Our expert contributors regularly publish insights and thoughts on a variety of topics. From financial markets to trade and business, there is a lot to read. Have a look!


asia-pacific insightsAsia-Pacific Insights?

Are you looking for a big picture approach to regional developments? Financial Markets, business trends, trade diplomacy and geopolitics, The Asia-Pacific Circle provides executive-level food for thought and connects the dots in good business intelligence. [Read all our Asia-Pacific Insights].


Financial Market Insights

Financial Markets are predominant nowadays. For this reason, our Asia-Pacific Insights closely look at financial developments in the region. From financial regulation to Fintech policy and cryptocurrencies, the Circle’s Financial Market Insights connect the dots. [Read our Asia-Pacific Financial Markets Insights].


Trade Insights

Pro-business policies or interventionism? Free trade or protectionism? What is the impact of China – US relations on global trade and business? Globalization is at risk, but trade diplomacy is an important aspect of Asia-Pacific relations. Our Trade Diplomacy insights help you get the big picture and connect the dots! [Read our Asia-Pacific Trade Insights].



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