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Eleonore William
– Comité France Chine Expert Contributor –

Eleonore william comite france chine china the asia pacific circle

Expert in China-France economic relations,
Head of Communication and Studies at the France China Committee (Comité France Chine).

Eleonore William is Head of Communication and Studies at the France China Committee, a major actor in the Franco-Chinese economic relation, gathering French enterprises active with China in the long-term. 

Former Manager of the technical cooperation with China and with Sub-saharan Africa for the French ministries of Economy and Finance, Eleonore William has a 15 years experience as a specialist in business development, institutional and international relations and as an observer and analyst of China political and economic evolutions.


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Globalized Chinese groups China Eastern spreads its wings

In this Insight, Eléonore William analyzes Chinese Globalized groups by looking at the China Eastern airline company. Diversification of services, strengthening of international alliances, and development opportunities in a context of increased competition, this brief note gives a practical overview of a usually unexplored industry.

CNNC : The ambition of nuclear power “Made in China”

In this China Business Insight, Eleonore William writes on the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) - i.e. the entity in charge of overseeing and implementing all aspects of China's civil and military nuclear programmes. Is the nuclear market dynamic enough for China? How is CNNC developing and with what ambitions? This insight gives you the big picture.

Globalized Chinese Business Groups: XIAOMI : High technology at low cost

In this China Business Insight, Eleonore William continues to explore and document the growth of globalized Chinese Groups, taking the case of Xiaomi. While Xiaomi is known for having put into place a "high technology accessible to all" business model, but the strategy developed by the group in order to diversify its activities, develop a robust user community and turn into an international company with a truly global reach is interesting for one major reason: it works.

Tongwei: From aquaculture to solar energy production.

In this China business insight, Eleonore William from the France China Committee analyses the Tongwei Group's diversification approach, from aquaculture to solar energy. While the Group has historically been a giant in the marine food industry, it is progressively investing in new technologies and know-how, so at to become a leading player in China's growing solar power sector. For more, make sure to read our China business insights.