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The Future of Fintech in Hong Kong.


Over the summer, in May 2017, the Hong Kong Financial Services Development Council (FSDC) released a long and precise report titled ‘The Future of Fintech in Hong Kong’.

This report has mainly been criticized for emphasizing the weaknesses of Hong Kong in relation to the Fintech industry and to criticize the work of the HKMA on the matter.

Interestingly, however, when discussing Fintech and the document, the most common idea consists in repeating or quoting the report’s conclusion that ‘From a long-term developmental standpoint, Hong Kong is very strong in ‘Fin’, but not strong in ‘Tech’. Yet, this report had far more to say. Don’t miss our analysis of the report ‘The Future of Fintech in Hong Kong’.


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The Future of Fintech in Hong Kong: the FSDC’s fintech hub business plan

Asia-Pacific Fintech Insights: In may 2017 the FSDC released a Report named The Future of Fintech in Hong Kong as a means to help promoting the development of Hong Kong Fintech industry. The report has been commented widely, but it was mainly interpreted as pointing to the limits of Hong Kong's Fintech policy. In reality, however, this document is more like a business plan and roadmap on, as its title suggests, the future of Fintechs in Hong Kong. Hence, it deserves more attention.