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Hong Kong Visa Expert.

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Stephen Barnes is the Co-Founder of the Hong Kong Visa Centre, an agency specialized in visa management for the Hong Kong market, where he has been working for the past 25 years. In line with his Intelligent Content Marketing concept, he runs various content-rich websites such as the Hong Kong Visa Geeza.


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Stephen Barnes: “Asia is a race, you need a monopoly business strategy”.

In this Asia-Pacific business Insight, Hong Kong Visa Geeza expert and Intelligent Content Marketing advocate Stephen Barnes discusses the complexity of creating a sustainable business brand in the region. "Asia is a race", he says. Hence, considering the current connection economy, "you need a monopoly business strategy" if you want to maximize your odds of succeeding. With the increasing importance of the connection economy, indeed, the role of information is shifting. And you definitely want to be on the right side of the digital transformation.