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Ronald Yu Hong Kong Asia Pacific Circle Patents expert Profile


Mr. Ronald Yu is an international patent expert based in Hong Kong, who started his career in the Information Technology Industry before obtaining his JD and LLM. 

A U.S. Patent Agent and a digital forensics examiner, Ronald Yu has worked at IBM, FedEx, Hewlett-Packard and Wang Laboratories, but he also started companies involved in technical PR, localization, technical writing and online education.

Ronald believes in education and has taught postgraduate and undergraduate classes in Intellectual Property Law in Information Technology, Patent law and Intellectual Property Strategy. He has also written articles and books on digital evidence, artificial intelligence and information technology and the law, and advised the Hong Kong government on its e-Cert Public Key Infrastructure, digital signature initiative.

Ronald Yu now conducts research in cross-border data flow at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, sits on the advisory board of WIPO Green as Board Member and a Founding Team member of IIPCC which became a WIPO Permanent Observer in 2016 and is an advisor to WIPO Green and WIPO ADR.


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Using Patents to Identify Innovative Company Gems?

In this Asia-Pacific Insight, Patent expert Ronald Yu looks at the question of whether patents could be used to identify innovative companies worth investing in. Patents are registered to protect innovation, indeed, so using legal instruments as business opportunity indicators does make sense. The issue, however, lies with determining whether the idea would work in practice and how. “Despite their apparent attractiveness”, Mr Yu writes, “one must remember that patents have several inherent limitations” which must be taken into account by forward-thinking business developers.