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Cleantech Entrepreneur & Sustainable Food Chain Expert.

Mathieu Vassal WASECO cleantech entrepreneur

Mathieu Vassal is a cleantech entrepreneur with a deep expertise and valuable network in the field of supply chain sustainability – mainly in Asia.

Mathieu started his career as an entrepreneur and business developer in the textile retail and supply chain industry in the 90’s

Since 2015, he has furthermore developed the activity of WASECO (Waste Eco Solution), a waste-to-resource business which turns unwanted organic materials considered as waste or low-value by-products into a source of highly-needed protein for the animal feed industry.

Mathieu Vassal strongly believes that a change in economic models is needed, and he invests with passion and pragmatism towards making tomorrow a better world.



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Business Innovation: Insects + Cleantech = Sustainable Food Chain

In this Asia-Pacific Business Insight, Cleantech entrepreneur and CEO of Waseco (Waste Eco Solution) Mathieu Vassal explores how business innovation, clean technologies (cleantechs) and insects can lead to a more sustainable food chain. As one of the few experts in this emerging industry, Mathieu Vassal has a unique perspective on what the current model does wrong and on what opportunities that creates from a regional and global business development perspective. He talks about the topic with passion and his argument is very straightforward: insects are the missing link for a sustainable food chain.