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Asia & Globalization Expert, HEC Eurasia Institute


Asia Pacific Circle expert Profile Jacques Gravereau CCE HEC Erasia Institute


Professor Jacques GRAVEREAU is currently Honorary Chairman of the HEC Eurasia Institute in Paris, which he founded and chaired for 25 years, and President of the think tank Asia Strategies.

In Europe, Jacques Gravereau is one of the leading experts on Asia and on globalization. He teaches on Asian developments and on globalization issues at the HEC School of Management and other universities worldwide, notably in Pacific Asia.

A noted speaker at major conferences worldwide for years. He has published a wide range of surveys, columns and several reference books, the latest being:

  • Alchemists of trust, a history of monetary crises
  • A conquering China, investigation into an unusual superpower (2017)

Jacques Gravereau is also National Advisor for French Foreign Trade (CCE), Chair of the Asia Europe Business Forum of the ASEM, Past-Chair of the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (on behalf of France Pacific Territories), a Board member of several academic journals (USA, Japan), Corporations and European or Asian Academies.

Personal: Ph.D. in Economics (Sorbonne), HEC M.S. in management, former fellow of the Institute of Defense and Strategic Studies. Married, 3 children. Knight of the Légion d’honneur.


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BRI Partner countries in trouble: the new debt roads?

In this Asia-Pacific insight, HEC Eurasia Institute Founder and Honorary Chairman Jacques Gravereau analyses recent trends relating to the debt generated as a result of the heavily discussed Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Whilst the BRI is probably China's most strategic undertaking, the question of its medium and long-term impacts on the partnering countries deserves to be explored. In reality, Jacques Gravereau writes, the issue is not just black or white. At the end of the day, China is not just taking over the world: it bears the cost of significant business mistakes and it learns. By imprudently developing its BRI project, Beijing is indeed likely to create political misconceptions …