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Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Expert

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Managing Director of Cryptology.com


Jack Chia is the Managing Director at Cryptology.com and a Blockchain Enthusiast experienced in running digital exchanges and ICOs. He started trading Bitcoins in 2012, occasionally writes research papers on Blockchain technology developments and on its role in society and life. 

A permanent learner and a coach, Jack Chia has 19 years of regional work experience in business development and operations (Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, and Vietnam). He graduated as an Accountant (CPA) with a BCom from the University of Western Australia and subsequently received an Executive MBA (Distinction) from the University of Hull, UK.

Jack also does voluntary work to promote the blockchain industry as Deputy Minister for Blockchain Development at the United Nations International Collaborations and Coordination Agency (ASEAN Branch).


2017 – EMBA (Distinction) University of Hull, UK
2015 – Certified Blockchain Expert, Blockchain Council
1999 – BCom. University of Western Australia, Perth.


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Hong Kong SFC’s regulatory framework for virtual assets & cryptos?

In this Asia Financial Insight, Jack Chia and Antoine Martin comment on the recent release by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) of a framework on the regulation of virtual Assets. Understand, cryptocurrencies and related investments. The initiative goes in the right direction, they conclude, and might help position Hong Kong as a moving-forward financial place. Considering the complexity currently surrounding Digital Assets and cryptos, indeed, regulating portfolio managers and fund distributors could bring certainty and trust to the market. The challenge, however, will consist in building a framework applicable to crypto exchanges, which remain the unregulated actor in the industry.

Blockchain investment and ICO peaking: the end of MVP tokens?

In this financial markets Insight, Cryptology Managing Director Jack Chia provides some food for thought on what the recent ups and downs in the global ICO and crypto market mean. Jack sees two important trends here: the rise of Security Tokens Offerings (STOs) and the arrival of new Blockchain applications capable of bringing a large number of companies into a new era of business. His point of view is clear, however: current ICO and crypto developments lead to one conclusion: Blockchain projects developed as Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) will have to do much better from now on.