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–  Isabelle Michelet  –
Strategic & HR Expert

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Strategic and HR Management Consultant (Thailand)


Ms. Isabelle Michelet has 30 years’ experience in economic analysis, strategic, change, resources and knowledge management consulting and research in a global environment.

Based in Asia for the last 30 years, she lived and worked in Japan, Vietnam, Singapore, and Thailand, as well as in France and Switzerland.

She was successively Country Manager (Thailand), Area Manager (Mekong) and Global Research Manager in the international HR management consulting firm CRG, then Knowledge Manager in American human resources consulting giant Mercer.

Extensive socio-economic research on change and its impact on business led her, in partnership with two other principal consultants, to create and lead Prasena, a global consulting firm helping MDs and Executive Committees to integrate human, technological, financial and intellectual resources management with strategic management. Building upon such accumulated experience, she is now focusing more on strategic business
planning, change management and executive coaching.

Ms. Michelet has designed and produced several series of surveys on companies’ competitiveness and HR management. She is the author of several books in English and French, has written numerous articles on change and resources management, and regularly speaks in conferences and seminars on these topics.

Ms. Michelet has designed more than a hundred public and in-house training programs, face-to-face and online, on such topics as strategic management, resources management (human, ICT, knowledge), change management, competitiveness, integration of technologies in daily life, etc.

She has trained representatives from more than 50 governmental organizations in 15 Asian countries under national or regional programs, and managers of more than 150 private sector organizations throughout Asia and Europe in public and in-house programs.

Ms. Michelet has led and/or contributed to more than a hundred strategic and HR management projects, with multinationals, government agencies, state enterprises, NGOs or commercial organizations, in Asia as well as in Europe, the Middle East and the USA. She is recognized as a senior expert in the areas of change management, organization design, competency management, person/organization development, performance management, remuneration management, knowledge management and technology integration. She has designed functionality specifications for several HRM applications and participated in their development team over the last 15 years. Such applications include the 3-P integrated HRM software, the PCES competencies evaluation software, the PRIMAS integrated HRM software, and the Headcount Manager.

Ms. Michelet is French and speaks fluent English and casual Thai.


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Change is a long-lasting topic which has been explored alongside technological developments for years. Yet, it remains a challenge which needs to be managed as a process, in a strategic manner. In this Asia-Pacific Insight, we explore the operational aspects of dealing with change with Ms. Isabelle Michelet, Founder of the Human Resources and change management consulting firm Prasena (Bangkok, Thailand). From last-mover advantages to change strategy-building and implementation mindsets, Ms. Michelet interview provides a very practical and interesting perspective on how technological adaptation happens in Asia.