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Nomad Entrepreneur & Expert Community Builder



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Nomad, Serial Entrepreneur, Multiple Start-ups.


Franck Benhamou is a corporate executive turned entrepreneur who lives in Asia. He is the Founder or Co-Founder and promoter of various businesses, all connected to community-building, new technologies and the consumer goods industry.

Franck’s early career included senior positions over 16 years at SC Johnson & Son, Inc. in marketing and general management across the world; his last position being Group General Manager – CIS. He has since then sold prior businesses to both investment funds and private investors.

Franck Benhamou holds an engineering degree from ESPCI ParisTech (France), a Masters in Chemical Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology and an MBA from The University of Chicago School of Business. He is also the author of “Here´s an Idea”, published in 2011.


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Building Communities: All it takes is the vision to start now.

Business talk: we recently had an unconventional discussion with Franck Benhamou, an entrepreneur based between Hong Kong and Chiang Mai (Thailand) who invests in building online communities. Franck is an atypical businessman, a former corporate executive who eventually moved to Asia to live a different life with his family and turned into a digital nomad, managing his international marketing activities from the region. His message is unusual but makes a lot of sense: ad hoc digital marketing as many people do has its limits but building real communities with intent has strong potential. Hence, you should invest in communities. Not tomorrow, right now!