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–  Clotilde Chaussade  –
Lean Transformation Expert

clotilde chaussade lean transformation Asia Pacific Circle expert Profile

Head of Demand Management
Krungthai – Axa Life Insurance


Clotilde Chaussade is a Lean Transformation Practitioner with more than 15 years of experience in IT and Finance sectors.

After completing her engineering studies in France (Mines-PariTech), she started to work in Asia in financial services. There, while volunteering as a French teacher in Kyrgyzstan, she had a first glimpse of achieving sustainable results through investing in people.

Then, pursuing new challenges, Clotilde joined a worldwide leader in the tire manufacturing sector where she had the opportunity to get certified as PMP and to start practicing Lean Transformation in IT services.

Coming back to Asia, she decided to further practice Lean Transformation in various contexts – start-up and insurance services. This is where she obtained her Lean Six-Sigma Black-Belt certification and championed the successful lean certification of her whole team.

Through her diverse professional experiences, Clotilde Chaussade developed her own approach to Lean Transformation by coaching Leaders in discerning their specific value drivers, the gap to achieve them and eventually supporting in designing and deploying the ad-hoc changes.

At work, with her team and colleagues, her mind is always focused on quick tangible results and lasting performance, which corresponds to her definition of “happiness and efficiency at work”. To this end, she likes to experiment frugal innovation with one single focus: creating more value.

When not at work, Clotilde enjoys reading, running and cooking cakes, which is her own personal way to practice “a healthy mind in a healthy body”.


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