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Establishing a Professional Change Management & Transformation Body in Asia

In this Asia-Pacific Insight, we give voice to an interesting entrepreneurial adventure run by Ron Leeman, a Change Management expert who makes the case for establishing a professional change management and transformation body in Asia. After years of practice in Europe, Ron came to Asia seeking new challenges, and the move gave him some interesting food for thought as to how change might work in the region. This insight explores his findings.

Does Transparency Make More Performant Organizations?

Have you ever considered whether transparency could make your organization more performant? In this Asia-Pacific Insight, Lean Transformation Expert Clotilde Chaussade argues that higher transparency within an organization is not a six-month project and cannot be summed up with just more KPIs. What matters when it comes to being efficient and organizationally performant is time and investment in people.

An Asian perspective on HR and Change Management, with Isabelle Michelet

Change is a long-lasting topic which has been explored alongside technological developments for years. Yet, it remains a challenge which needs to be managed as a process, in a strategic manner. In this Asia-Pacific Insight, we explore the operational aspects of dealing with change with Ms. Isabelle Michelet, Founder of the Human Resources and change management consulting firm Prasena (Bangkok, Thailand). From last-mover advantages to change strategy-building and implementation mindsets, Ms. Michelet interview provides a very practical and interesting perspective on how technological adaptation happens in Asia.