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–  Prof. Bryan Mercurio  –
International Trade Expert

Personal Profile Bryan Mercurio The Asia-Pacific Circle

Professor of International Trade Law
The Chinese University of Hong Kong


Bryan Mercurio is Professor of Law and Associate Dean (Research) in the Faculty of Law at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, where he teaches international trade law, with a particular focus on Intellectual Property protection.

Prof. Bryan Mercurio also has large consulting expertise. He has worked in government as well as in private practice and has advised law firms, international organizations, NGOs and several governments on a wide range of international trade and investment matters.


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A US-China trade deal will come. It just won’t solve any of the problems that matter

In this Asia-Pacific Insight, Bryan Mercurio and Stephen Nagy discuss US-China relations by looking at future trade deals between the two countries. "China and the US are likely to reach an agreement to end their trade war soon", they write, "but any deal reached between them will be superficial, difficult to enforce and out of step with the norms of the international trading system".

Trade Insights: Trump, China, and a Tale of Aluminum and Steel Tariffs

US - China Trade Insights: Antoine Martin and Professor Bryan Mercurio (The Chinese University of Hong Kong) discuss China - United States relations in light of recent trade developments. With the announcement of new tariffs against Chinese steel and Aluminum, President Trump has forced President Xi to react. This analysis of the'trade war' developments leads to the conclusion that the political game is changing. On the one hand, the U.S. is turning nationalistic and protectionist, even if it harms itself in the process. On the other, China is reversing the usual rhetoric and positioning itself as the god international citizen who plays by the rules. Keep reading for more.