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TCL Communications Senior Vice President
President – BlackBerry Mobile Division


Alain Lejeune has led the new BlackBerry Mobile Business Division of TCL since it took over the global licensing rights from the Canadian-based BlackBerry Limited end 2016. Under his leadership, TCL has re-launched BlackBerry smartphones, first with the successful KeyOne introduced mid-2017, and more recently with Key2, introduced in June 2018. Since then, the BlackBerry Brand is re-positioned as a Premium Brand, focusing on best in class productivity, reliability, security and privacy control.

Alain Lejeune joined the TCL Group in 2004 when TCL acquired the Alcatel Mobile Phone Division. He initiated this acquisition (one of the first international acquisition in the tech sector by a Chinese Company) and led the integration of the two teams. He then had many positions in the Company and since 2012 was in charge of the Mobile Phone Division, including the management and development of the 5 product innovation centers in China.

Alain has 25 years of senior management experience in the telecommunication industry, in multicultural organizations, and cross-border M&A initiatives. During his career, he has built many partnerships between Chinese and European Companies, in the form of joint ventures, mergers or acquisitions.


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