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Philippe Bonnet
– Business Strategy Advisor –

Philippe Bonnet the asia pacific circle


Business Strategy Adviser, Impactified
Co-Founder, The Asia-Pacific Circle

Philippe Bonnet is the Co-Founder of the Asia-Pacific Circle, and an experienced Asia-Pacific and Eurasia business strategy adviser, co-founder of Impactified, a business advisory firm focused on Impact strategy development. Now based in Europe (France), he has lived in Hong Kong between 2012 and 2019, and advised clients on their business development methods, with a particular interest for Europe – Asian business mindset.

Philippe is in charge of developing the business ecosystem in which the Asia-Pacific Circle develops.

Philippe is a successful entrepreneur and advisor to business executives, who excels (apart from running marathons) at making people think ahead. From business strategy planning to operational organization, he believes that preparation is the key to success. And that, of course, includes knowing the regional environment in which you evolve…

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An EU Strategy on connecting Europe to Asia… the European way?

In this Asia-Pacific Insight originally published in the South China Morning Post, Philippe Bonnet and Antoine Martin comment on the recent of an EU-Asia Connectivity strategic policy proposal by the European Commission. Whilst building ties between Asia and Europe make a lot of sense from a business cooperation perspective, they write, trying to create connectivity "the European way" - i.e. by imposing a rules-based mindset to Asia - is a rather surprising idea. A change in mindsets would be interesting, however...

China’s Eurasia means we need a new business mindset

In this Insight, business strategy adviser Philippe Bonnet explores the idea that Eurasia is shifting from an underutilized geographic notion into something much bigger. Looking at recent and forthcoming developments in the Asia-Pacific, he suggests that the Europe - China relationship needs to be significantly reconsidered, together with the way Westerners think about doing business with Asia (and China). The business equation is very different from one side of the continent to the other. In Europe, business with Asia is about threat mitigation. In Asia, in contrast, business is a matter of investment. As a result, a significant change in mindset is needed for business to become a win-win matter.