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A Call for more Modular Durability in Design – By Alexandre Besson

In this Asia-Pacific Insight, Mint Evolutive founder and modular watchmaker Alexandre Besson explores modern lifestyle and consumption trends and questions whether the current models are sustainable. Besson calls for more modularity and durability in design. He argues that in the future people, lifestyle will not be about quantity anymore, as people will want products which adapt to them and follow them around. "Durability will be an expectation, and modularity will be the best way to create both a sense of purpose, a sense of emotion, a sense of uniqueness, and a sense of luxury we hardly know about so far..." he writes.

China & Luxury Markets: So Far, So Good.

In this Asia-Pacific Insight, luxury expert Emmanuel Sidem and Christophe Granier explore China's luxury market trends. From new purchasing behaviors and increased specialization to click and brick luxury evolution, they propose a fascinating big picture and analysis regarding what luxury will be about tomorrow. New definitions, new clients and new challenges, where is the industry going next?