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A US-China trade deal will come. It just won’t solve any of the problems that matter

In this Asia-Pacific Insight, Bryan Mercurio and Stephen Nagy discuss US-China relations by looking at future trade deals between the two countries. "China and the US are likely to reach an agreement to end their trade war soon", they write, "but any deal reached between them will be superficial, difficult to enforce and out of step with the norms of the international trading system".

The BRI seen from Russia: marrying the bear and the panda?

In this insight, Thales Country Director for Russia Remi Paul explores the interaction between Russia and the China-led Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Whilst the BRI is usually discussed taking a South-East Asian or European perspective, Remi Paul points to the North and develops on a de facto marriage between Moscow and Beijing. Marrying the Bear and the Panda is an ambitious plan, he writes, but the stakes are crucial and the big picture speaks for itself.

The BRI seen from India: Antagonisms and ambiguities

In this insight, Vivien Massot explores the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) from the perspective of India. He explains that for a variety of strategic; political, infrastructural and transparency reasons, the initiative faces a certain reluctance from India. Now more than ever, Massot Concludes, India is still seeking to preserve its natural sphere of influence (South Asia, Indian Ocean) but does not have sufficient financial resources to be able to counter Chinese trade integration projects.

The BRI and the Free Trade Zones Strategy

In this Asia-Pacific Insight, Fabien Pacory explores the impact and influence of Free Trade Zones in China's Belt and Road Initiative. Free Trade Zones have more than a role to play in Beijing's strategy, he explains. In various countries, these zones serve various purposes, starting with an economic laboratory role and a pro-reform role which eventually help making the initiative stronger and stronger. There is a genuine strategy here, Pacory explains. The question is: which one?

BRI Partner countries in trouble: the new debt roads?

In this Asia-Pacific insight, HEC Eurasia Institute Founder and Honorary Chairman Jacques Gravereau analyses recent trends relating to the debt generated as a result of the heavily discussed Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Whilst the BRI is probably China's most strategic undertaking, the question of its medium and long-term impacts on the partnering countries deserves to be explored. In reality, Jacques Gravereau writes, the issue is not just black or white. At the end of the day, China is not just taking over the world: it bears the cost of significant business mistakes and it learns. By imprudently developing its BRI project, Beijing is indeed likely to create political misconceptions …

Daniël de Blocq van Scheltinga: insights on the Chinese M&A markets.

We recently interviewed Daniël de Blocq van Scheltinga, a Hong Kong-based M&A advisor and Circle Contributor who provided some personal insights on the Chinese M&A markets. As the first Western CEO to a Chinese State-Owned Enterprise (SOE), Daniël has a unique perspective on how large Chinese companies think and operate. Hence, his interview provides very exclusive food for thought on how to do business in China, on the reasons and consequences of current US-China relations, on China's technology ambitions, and more generally on the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and its long-term impacts.