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Trade & Investment Expert, The Asan Insitute of Policy Studies, Seoul


Contributor to the Asia-Pacific Circle’s insights, Soo-Hyun Lee is currently a Research Associate at the Asan Institute of Policy Studies in Seoul, the Republic of Korea. Soo-Hyun is an expert on Asian and international trade & investment trends and developments – which he approaches from an economic, legal and policy perspective.


Asia Pacific Insights by Soo-Hyun Lee:


South Korea cannot afford to let The Corporate Restructuring Promotion Act goSouth Korea cannot afford to let The Corporate Restructuring Promotion Act go

The expiration of The South Korean Corporate Restructuring Promotion Act on June 30th, 2018 has the potential to create significant concerns towards Korea’s business landscape. The Corporate Restructuring Promotion Act has long acted as a benevolent support for those industries in need of stability and investment. Yet, as of July 2018, the traditional manufacturing base in steel and shipbuilding of Korea faces a period of economic turmoil. And the advantageous framework provided by the Act is not there to help anymore. Soo-Hyun Lee therefore asks a question: can South Korea let go of its Corporate Restructuring Promotion Act? [Read the Insight]


soo-hyun lee interventionism japan korea the asia-pacific circle

Interventionism in Korea and Japan: Complex Investment Climates Ahead?

June 2018 | Despite increasing economic integration, the Japanese and South Korean governments continue to share a resilient bond with business. Government interventionism is hard to miss. From banks to shipyards and technology industries, Japan and Korea have stepped into the business realm at multiple occasions in the name of the public interest. Yet, Soo-Hyun Lee writes, all isn’t that simple. [Read the insight]





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